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Education is a fundamental aspect of human development and progress. It is an essential tool that provides individuals with knowledge and skills necessary to navigate through life successfully. Education allows individuals to acquire information and learn new skills that enable them pursue their interest and passions.

The Association of Real Estate Agents provides its members with access to Education and Professional Development opportunities.

It extends numerous courses, webinars, trainings and seminars that allow real estate agents to stay updated with the latest trends, regulations, acquire skills and best practices that can keep them competitive in the industry.

AREA-Uganda’s educational programs are conducted through its training arm the Real Estate Institute of East Africa (REIEA):

The Real Estate Institute of Africa is an education institute that provides practical trainings, online and face to face programs developed to equip real estate practitioners with the necessary skills to enhance their efficiency. REIEA aims to promote international standards best practices and to produce ethical and well educated real estate practitioners that contribute to stronger economies and advance the establishment promotion of a sound, efficient and sustainable real estate market.

Our mission is to develop specialist skills and consultancy competence of real estate practitioners within the context of a regional framework and to achieve this we educate, train and organize webinars to find solutions to many real state issues and widen our knowledge.



Foundation Certificate; The Foundation Certificate serves as an introduction to real estate for individuals without prior knowledge or a degree in the field. This adaption stage equips them with essential skills and knowledge, including an understanding of real estate marketing, legal and ethical issues, as well as sales and technology in real estate brokerage.

Advanced Certificate; The Advanced Certificate is intended for individuals with a degree or any form of real estate knowledge or experience. This certificate program provides practitioners with advanced knowledge in areas such as real estate valuation, economics, property management, real estate finance and investment, research methods and corporate real estate.

Specialist Designation; The Specialist Designation is the highest level of certification and is typically pursued by individuals with over five years of experience in the real estate market. This certification allows agents to specialize in a particular area of real estate, such as real estate development, real estate management, brokerage, Land acquisition or resettlement and rehabilitation.



The Real Estate Institute of East Africa offers a diverse range of comprehensive and specilaised training programs designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of individuals interested in various aspects of the real estate industry. These training sessions cover a broad spectrum of topics, including but not limited to Real Estate Valuation, Condominiums, Real Estate Brokerage, Advanced Technology and Real Estate Financing. These programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals seeking to excel in dynamic and constantly evolving real estate market in East Africa.

As a culmination, I highly recommend that all real estate practitioners prioritize, and invest in continuous learning and professional development by enrolling in courses offered by the Real Estate Institute of East Africa (REIEA) and participating in their training sessions and webinars. Such endeavors not only enhance their skills and knowledge but also widen their professional opportunities and increase their chances of building successful and rewarding careers in the ever-evolving and competitive real estate industry.

Kindly call/text to book for the next intake & training;

+256 708575631 Linda, +256 751859520 Ovia


Kind regards

Nabakka Linda
mobile: +256 708575631

MONTHLY MEETINGS - AREA-Uganda’s monthly meetings are geared towards networking, exposure of sponsor services and educational in nature to allow our members to continuously keep updated about the current market trends.
ANNUAL CONFERENCE - Uganda Real Estate Conference (UREC) 2021 is an International Real Estate Conference gathering experts and real estate industry influencers from all over the world to connect, learn, network, share and transact.   Attending UREC will enable participants to : Connect with global influential industry leaders, builders, developers, real estate professionals, global institutional invest ....
AREA WOMEN COUNCIL - The Association of Real Estate Agents (AREA)-Uganda Women’s Council remains steadfast in their efforts to grow the network and provide women with the necessary tools that will ultimately support their desire to flourish as real estate professionals.  Indeed, the existence of this Council is a means of bridging the knowledge gap between men and women within Uganda’s real estate ind ....
LOBBY AND ADVOCACY - The Association has become the lobby arm of real estate on behalf of its members including, lobbying on tax issues in parliament, good regulatory environment with Ministry of Housing Lands and Urban development and making presentations on housing forums representing the real estate industry. The Association is represented onmany of the committees in the ministry concerning housing policy issues.



Jumbo plaza, Ground floorPlot 2, Parliamentary avenue. Kampala -Uganda,
P.O. Box 36579 Kampala, Uganda

LINDA: +256 708 575631 , +256 776 166591



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