Real Estate Institute of East Africa
  1. INTRODUCTION                                      

Real Estate Institute of East Africa (REIEA) is a regional center for provision of practical training, research and consultancy in the field of Real Estate Industry. Established by Association of Real Estate Agents Uganda (AREA-U) and Real Estate Association of Rwanda (REAR) under the auspices of the International Real Property foundation (IRPF), the institute is programmed to include other Real Estate organizations from Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and all other East Africa Regional States.

REIEA programmes are designed to harmonize the approach towards real estate practice in the region, aimed at improving the performance efficiency and effectiveness of Real Estate practitioners by providing participants the requisite knowledge and skills to enable them meet the emerging needs of the fast growing industry.

The institute will specialize in the offering of Diploma and Certificate in Real Estate Practice as core courses designed for professionals by a team of professionals.


i)        Purpose

To certify, organize and conduct professional courses and training programs of instruction for the acquisition of Real estate knowledge, skill and experience by persons intending and or practicing as Real estate agents.

ii)       Vision

To be a leading regional center for excellence in Real Estate training, research and consultancy services.

iii)     Mission statement

To develop specialist skills and consultancy competence of Real Estate practitioners within the context of a regional framework.

iv)     Core values

  • Improving the performance efficiency and effectiveness of Real Estate practitioners.
  • We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith.
  • We grow through creativity, invention and innovation.
  • We integrate honesty, integrity and discipline.


To provide training and capacity building to meet the needs of real estate practitioners in the Eastern African region.

  • Organizing and conducting courses of instruction for the acquisition of Real estate knowledge, professional skill and experience by persons intending to practice as Real estate agents in subjects which shall have been determined by the organs of the institute and in accordance with the provisions of any law in force.
  • To develop and offer training programs or courses which are forward-looking and which enable creation of linkages between local and international Real estate practitioners and attainment of international standards.
  • To formulate and offer appropriate curricula for each of the training programs or courses.
  • To strengthen the capacity of, and attract, non-members in the Real estate practice with a view to improving their knowledge, skills and professionalism.
  • To create a resource Company or resource Companies based on past and on-going research in order to meet the information needs of practitioners in the Real estate industry.
  • To put in place infrastructure, facilities, equipment and systems which satisfy the needs of members and non-members and which are commensurate with the level of training provided.
  • Undertaking research into any branch of Real estate and offering consultancy.
  • Holding seminars and conferences on Real estate matters and problems.
  • Collecting, compiling, analyzing and abstracting statistical information on Real estate and related matters.
  • Publishing periodicals, bulletins, digests or other written material concerned with Real estate and related matters.
  • Disseminating and promoting generally a better knowledge of Real estate.
  • Acquire, take on lease, purchase, hold and enjoy any property and sell, let or otherwise dispose of the property.
  • To organize events where researchers and decision makers from both academia and practice can exchange their views with respect to the research and needs in the field of real estates, but also discuss the best way of using the research results to enhance decision making in the field to promote in any other feasible way the development of real estate research in and education in the region.
  • To organize events where researchers and educators in the broad area of real estate interact.



REIEA courses give participants knowledge, confidence and direction to take their career further. They are designed for existing and aspiring practitioners. We provide the highest quality learning opportunities for professionals imparting knowledge and skills that improve career prospects and work performance.


  • REIEA courses cover all areas of property related subjects and run by industry based experts sharing their expertise, knowledge and practical insight.
  • The course is highly interactive and practical and examines the latest insights into the leading edge thinking that enables implementation of innovative strategies, skills and tools to effectively respond to the emerging trends and challenges of the real estate industry.
  • Participants will gain capabilities and confidence to take on greater responsibilities and succeed in today’s highly competitive market place.
  • The services offered by the institute make significant contributions in providing organizational performance, productivity and profitability.
  • The programmes offered ensure maximum flexibility that fits into participants’ schedules to meet their individual preferences.
  • Participants will attain membership of professional bodies offering regional and international certified courses.
  • Participants will explore the Real Estate industry in a regional and international context.
  • The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme allows participants keep up-to-date with new legislations and practices.


REIEA covers a wide range of most aspects of Real Estate practice at diploma, certificate, short courses, international certified courses, regional certified courses and CPD programmes.

It equips participants at all levels from a wide range of professions and academic backgrounds that are already practicing or intend to work in property profession and are interested in developing their knowledge and ready to further their career in specialist areas. Others could be training to change careers to join Real Estate profession.



Our training programmes are aimed at making a great impact on performance improvement by offering a quality and flexible career path at both individual and organizational level. 

The following uniquely blended learning format has been designed to cater for busy and working participants. 

Day programme

Evening programme

Weekend programme

Distance learning programme

Tailor made learning programme

Short course, conferences, workshops, seminars and relevant CPD programmes.



The institute operates a flexible calendar of 9 months for advanced diploma, 6 months for intermediate certificate and a 3 months foundation programme in Real Estate practice. There will be other short courses including but not limited to CPDs and other international certified courses.


All REIEA high quality academic experts are industry based, having extensive experience in specialist areas both in practice and teaching. This team will occasionally be supplemented by external and international Real Estate training specialists drawn from Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) USA, National association of Realtors (NAR) USA, Association of Real Estate Agents of South Africa, National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) UK, Institute of Surveyors of Kenya (ISK), Uganda Institute of Surveyors making the institute a regional center for international Real Estate knowledge exchange.


We work with the organizations both local and international to develop new programmes of learning with international accreditation.


Certified Courses Designate

The following certified courses will be offered by Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) – USA, International Real Property Foundation (IRPF) – USA and REIEA (Regional). 

CIPS:     Certified International Property Specialist

TRC:      Transnational Referral Certification

CCIM:    Certified Commercial Investment Member

CRB:      Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager

CRM:     Certified Residential Manager

CCM:     Certified Commercial Manager

CPM:     Certified Property Manager

ARM:    Accredited Residential Manager

ACOM: Accredited Commercial Manager

CFM:     Certified Facilities Manager 


The course is proposed to have duration of 2 semesters each of (17) weeks

Semester One

DRE 1101              AEA       Advanced Estate Agency

DRE 1102              REV        Real Estate Valuation

DRE 1103              PM         Property Management

DRE 1104             ELI          Ethical and Legal Issues in real estate

DRE 1105              REFI       Real Estate Finance and Investment


Semester Two

DRE 1201              REE        Real Estate Economics

DRE 1202             RET        Real Estate taxation

DRE 1203             REM      Real Estate Marketing

DRE 1204             BDDI     Building Design and Defect identification

DRE 1205             GIS         Geographical Information Systems               

Recess Semester

Field Attachment


The course is proposed to have a duration of (17) weeks


CRE 1101               BMS      Brokerage Management and Sales

CRE 1102              RPV        Real Property Valuation

CRE 1103              PM         Property Management

CRE 1104              LRR        Law Relating to Real Estate

CRE 1105              PF           Property Finance

CRE 1106              BMS      Business and Marketing Strategy


Other Short Courses


•             Real Estate Management

•             Mortgage Finance for Real Estate Practice

•             Real Estate Investment

•             Facilities Management

•             Real Estate Valuation

•             Condominium

•             Real Estate Brokerage Management

•             Training of Trainers (ToT) for Real Estate

•             Lobby and Advocacy



The institute provides learning that embraces both traditional and modern methods of training that requires modern technology and materials to meet the emerging technological challenges in the industry.

Such materials will be provided to participants in both paper format and online supported by text books, written materials supplemented by PowerPoint presentation, videos, photos, drawings, audios and other electronic tools.


REIEA will carry out independent applied research in the field of Real Estate giving practice based analysis and recommendations designed to promote knowledge, good practice and innovation. 

REIEA particulars of expertise include Real Estate development, the housing market, investment, finance, professional ethics and extra.

This research will be widely disseminated through published reports, conferences, newspapers, journals and our website.


Prospective participants should apply and be nominated using forms to be obtained from the institute offices. The application and nomination forms should reach REIEA offices not later than three (3) weeks prior to commencement of the programme in question.



For further information, please contact:

Nicholas – 0772559837 or Rachael – 0777913407 or Julius – 0751103144.