Having been founded on 23rd April 2008 as a Company Limited by Guarantee with a Board of Trustees, the Association of Real Estate Agents of Uganda (AREA-Uganda) is an umbrella body of real estate agents and managers, real estate professionals and other organizations with interest in the real estate sector. AREA-Uganda was formed to bring real estate agents/managers and others interested in the sector into one body to work collectively towards developing a professional real estate sector in Uganda and creating awareness of its benefits as an engine for economic growth.


AREA-Uganda consists of four Membership Categories i.e.Corporate Membership that includes all real estate agency and management companies, Individual membership that includes all persons practicing or interested in real estate at an individual level; Associate Membership that includes real estate developers, mortgage practioners, architects, appraisers, academic institutions in short all other related professions and lastly, Student Membership that includes persons pursuing real estate education. Currently, the Association has 271 members and more than 1500 affiliations and connections worldwide and over 4000 potential members with anxiety to grow.


The main objectives of AREA-Uganda are stipulated below as embedded in the Associations Mission which is to: “Support the member’s real estate business Success”


  • To lobby and advocate
  •  To promote real estate education
  •  To ensure business best practices
  •  To carry out research and development
  •  To encourage collaboration and networking


The Association of Real Agents Uganda (AREA-Uganda) has a Secretariat and has overtime had a Board that changed power recently successfully.


Precurrent Board Members:


  1. President-                    Nicholas Arinaitwe (A.N Consult Limited)
  2. Vice President -           Judy RugasiraKyanda (Knight Frank (U) Ltd)
  3. Secretary-                   Shirley Kongai (Kongai and Co. Advocates)
  4. Treasurer -                  Judith Kugonza (Previously at Kensington Africa Ltd)
  5. Publicity Secretary -    Andrew Mukiibi (Premier Property Group)
  6. Advisor -                      Ssewajjwa Kyeyune(MHLUD)
  7. Chairperson Education Committee -  SabiitiBageine- (Bageine& Company Ltd)
  8. Chairperson Disciplinary Committee-RichardMukasa- (Jerome Richards Ltd)
  9. Chairperson Finance Committee-      James Njoroge( Previously at Property Profiles)
  10. Chairperson Women Committee- Mirembe Racheal Arinaitwe (Makerere University Business School-real estate program
  11. Chairperson Northern Chapter-  Catherine Nanteza


Current board members

  • President                                                      Andrew Mukiibi (Premier Property Group)
  • Vice President                                               Sheila Kaijuka(Ridge consulting)
  • Secretary                                                     Shirley Kongai (Kongai and Co. Advocates)
  • Treasurer                                                     Sarah Katende (Green pines real estate)
  • Publicity Secretary                                         Moses Lutalo  (Knight Frank)
  • Advisor                                                        Ssewajjwa Kyeyune(MHLUD)
  • Chairperson Education Committee                    Raymond Kamugisha (Sarjan construction ltd)
  • Chairperson Disciplinary Committee                 Richard Mukasa- (Jerome Richards Ltd)
  • Chairperson lobby & advocacy committee          Harriet Mucunguzi(NSSF)
  • Chairperson Women Committee                       Clothilda Nakimbugwe Mujasi (Housing finance bank)
  • Chairperson Northern Chapter                         Catherine Nanteza


The Secretariat;

  1. CEO                             Agaba Vincent
  2. Deputy CEO                Julius Seguya
  3. Head of Programs      Deo Sekamwa
  4. Public Relations         Eleanor   Mukebezi
  5. Finance officer           Esther Namara
  6. Training officer          Cissy Nambogga


The Association has made achievements at twelve levels;


        i.  International Collaboration

Some of the previous activities include a real estate brokerage management and sales skills training course, which was held in March 2009, in collaboration with International Real Property Foundation (IRPF). This training was the first of its kind in Uganda and is currently being offered on a continuous basis at AREA-Uganda. From the training it was observed that Information Technology within the sector needs great improvement. Recently, AREA-Uganda has started collaborating with the Women Council of Realtors of the USA, the Councilors of Real Estate of USA and as a result, the women conference took place in Kampala in 2012 that saw the formation of AREA-Uganda Women committee. AREA-Uganda has regionally cooperated with Institute of Surveyors of Kenya and Real Estate Association of Rwanda to formulate the Real Estate Institute of East Africa. 


      ii.    Multiple Listing Service

Therefore, the Association in collaboration with Uganda Primary Market Mortgage Initiative, under the International Finance Corporation (IFC) World Bank initiated a project to establish a Multiple Listing Service (MLS), to date an MLS website ( is running along our website ( and members are uploading listings. This is a public domain to access property on the market, posted by professional agents who are members of AREA-Uganda. Secondly, the information on property transactions in the database will be useful for mortgage banks and appraisers to value properties. 


    iii.   Code of Ethics

AREA-Uganda undertook is a stakeholders’ workshop on a national real estate agents Code of Conduct, which was organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Housing, Lands and Urban Development and the Uganda Primary Market Mortgage Initiative (UPMMI-IFC). The workshop marked the start of developing a Code of Conduct focusing on professionalism among agents, which was concluded and adopted by the members of AREA-Uganda for self-regulation.


    iv.  Trainings

AREA-Uganda has engaged in several trainings which include, Mortgage training, Valuation training, brokerage management training and Instructors training at the East African Regional Real Estate Training Center (EARRETC) in Nairobi. The Association has developed more training programs and to date has six training programs on offer. An M.O.U between the Association and Makerere University Business School (MUBS) and one training has already taken place. The Real Estates Institute of East Africa will be conducting further trainings for the Association, to see the current training for this year kindly visit link.


      v.   Lobby and Advocacy

The Association has become the lobby arm of real estate on behalf of its members including, lobbying on tax issues in parliament, good regulatory environment with Ministry of Housing Lands and Urban development and making presentations on housing forums representing the real estate industry. The Association is represented on many of the committees in the ministry concerning housing policy issues. Currently the AREA Uganda is working with the ministry to ensure that the Real Estate Agency and Management Bill is finalised and tabled in the Parliament. To get more details please check the events calender as AREA Uganda will be conducting a consutative workshop with the MLHUD on the Bill. 


    vi.   Leadership

AREA-Uganda has changed leadership to a new board of directors, thanks to the voluntary leadership spirit of the practitioners who have given their time and resources to support the objectives of the association. This saw an establishment of a secretariat that runs the day to day activities of the Association.


  vii   Strategic Plan

AREA-Uganda developed a five year strategic plan (2011-2016) with the assistance from the International Property Foundation. This was and is to create a focus on achievable outcomes with realistic activities. 


Viii   Regional Chapters

AREA-Uganda successfully created the western chapter headquartered in Hoima and a chairperson was been trained and now forming a chapter committee that will be the leadership arm coordinating with the Association’s National leadership. In a similar manner, the Northern region chapter headquartered in Gulu was established.


IX   Support to Real Estate Students Associations

AREA-Uganda in effort to promote the profession through academic institutions is committed to working with students through their associations. AREA-Uganda has supported the formation of Makerere University Business School Real Estate Students Association (MURESA) which works closely with AREA-Uganda to link the students with the business community through Internships and job linkages.             

X   Publications

AREA-Uganda produces a quaterly online newsletter that publishes association activities and other industrial related issues that concern the Association members. AREA-Uganda envisions establishing a practitioner’s directory that shall be both online and in print. All these efforts are complimented by an up to date Association website that is able to reach beyond boundaries. Recently, facebook, linkedin, and twitter pages for the Association were established too. AREA-Uganda is highlighted in the international real estate industry through the International Real Property Foundation Global wire.  Recently, AREA-Uganda has been mentioned in the newsletter of the International Consortium of Real Estate Associations (ICREA).


Xi   Donors and Sponsors 

AREA-Uganda has been supported both by civil society and corporate organizations and they include; UPMMI-IFC World Bank, Private Sector Foundation (PSFU), USAID through the International Real Property Foundation (IRPF), Proinvest, DFCU Bank, Stanbic Bank, Housing Finance Bank, Akright Projects Ltd, Nationwide Properties Ltd, Kensigton Africa Ltd, Canansites Ltd, NICO Insurance (U) Ltd, Realty Server Inc, Ministry of Housing, Lands and Urban Development (MHLUD), The Women Council of Realtors of USA and the Councilors of Real Estate of the USA, Regus international, Bageine and Company ltd, Simba properties ltd, Property services ltd, UAP insurance ltd.


Xii   Conference and Expo

AREA-Uganda and Focus on East Africa concluded an East African Real Investment conference 2011 as strategic partners. This among other Expos that AREA-Uganda has represented its members in Uganda, regionally and internationally. In 2012 AREA-Uganda held a successful Women Real Estate Conference which attracted the Women Council of Realtors of USA, the International Real Property Foundation, The Ministry for Lands, Housing and Urban Development among others. Additionally, AREA-Uganda held a conference and expo on unblocking Uganda’s real estate potential in 2013 which attracted major key player including Uganda investment Authority, MHLUD, UAP insurance, Women Council of Realtors of USA, IRPF and many others.  AREA Uganda has held annual conferences for the last 5 years which have attracted big players in the Real Estate Industry. 


Xiii   Monthly Meetings

AREA-Uganda’s monthly meetings are geared towards networking, exposure of sponsor services and educational in nature to allow our members to continuously keep updated about the current market trends. Nearly all mortgage banks, real estate development companies, Telecom companies and insurance companies have hosted these meetings. This year AREA Uganda has made monthly networking meetings even better with new and more relevant themes, expo space and branding opportunities. To get more details on the participation kindly contact any member of the secretariat. 


XIV   Representation

AREA-Uganda is represented at the board of Private Sector Foundation of Uganda (PSFU) where the CEO sits on the audit committee; the Association is also represented on most of the committees at the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Planning (MLHUD) where the President and Publicity Secretary are representatives. Additionally, the Association is also represented at Property Price Index Survey conducted by Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) and the Bank of Uganda (B.OU).

XV   Real Estates Institute of East Africa (REIEA)


REIEA established as the only real estate institute in the East African Region. Through its alliance with the Association of Real Estates Agents (AREA), an umbrella institution of real estate agency/brokerage companies, and real estate agency /brokerage professionals in Uganda Real Estate Institute of East Africa (REIEA) is a regional center for provision of practical training, research and consultancy in the field of Real Estate Industry.REIEA programmes are designed to improve the performance efficiency and effectiveness of Real Estate practitioners by providing participants the requisite knowledge and skills to enable them meet the emerging needs of the fast growing industry. 


The institute will specialize in the offering of diploma in Real Estate Practice and certificate in Real Estate Practice as core courses designed for professionals by a team of professionals.


AREA-Uganda continues to enable skills enhancement and networking among its members through monthly meetings, in which every last Friday of the month for ten months a year, a different theme is being discussed with the assistance of invited guest presenters. Additionally, AREA-Uganda continues a campaign of recruitment of new members.