Knowledge is power!

AREA Uganda resource centre is well stocked with information and knowledge pertaining real estate business, leadership, team building, finance, business laws, office systems and administration, career and life management, valuation and appraising, financing and loans, world book and facts and so many other great information materials. 

The resource centre allows AREA Uganda registered members that include the corporate members, associates, individuals, students and all the registered real estate practitioners to pay an annual subscription of UGX20, 000 in order to acquire access to the resource centre.

Once a book is borrowed, the member is allowed to use it for a week and thereby return it to the office premises. Renew of borrowing is allowed for not more than a week and failure to return the book in the stipulated period of time attracts a surcharge of UGX1000 per day.

AREA Uganda resource centre therefore invites everybody to register into the Association and the resource centre.