Having been founded on 23rd April 2008 as a Company Limited by Guarantee with a Board of Trustees, the Association of Real Estate Agents of Uganda (AREA-Uganda) is an umbrella body of real estate agents and managers, real estate professionals and other organizations with interest in the real estate sector. AREA-Uganda was formed to bring real estate agents/managers and others interested in the sector into one body to work collectively towards developing a professional real estate sector in Uganda and creating awareness of its benefits as an engine for economic growth.


To Support Our Member’s Real Estate Business Success.

Membership includes real estate developers, construction companies and mortgage providers as associate members.

Why Join AREA Uganda?

To eliminate the negative trend of events that have been taking place in the real estate agency market place in Uganda like the high rate of un -educated and un-registered practitioners in the discipline thus branding it an unscrupulous venture by some media, inflation of property rates and unreliable service delivery has been the day-to-day characteristic.

Therefore, the officially registered companies and professionals have continued sharing the negative impact of society’s resistance of their services hence collapse of businesses, profession and distortion of service that is required by the majority of the Ugandan society.

The Association of Real Estate Agents (AREA-Uganda) is an umbrella institution of real estate agency/brokerage companies, and real estate agency /brokerage professionals in Uganda and other organizations that have key interests in real estate agency/brokerage. This is to stimulate cooperation in the business, strengthening professional qualifications and establishing codes of conduct and business standards.


Our Objectives

To promote real estate education in the country
To ensure best business practices and ethics
To carry out, lobby and advocacy in favor of a regulatory framework for the real estate sector
To collaborate with other stakeholders in the industry
To carry out research and development



AREA Activties

The Association of Real Estate Agents Uganda is overseen by a Board and on a day-to-day basis; AREA-Uganda is run by a Secretariat staff headed by Mr. Vincent Agaba, the Chief Executive Officer.

The Board provides guidance on fulfillment of its objectives and offers advice on its general interests and policies. The Secretariat is mandated with the roles of maintaining a register of its members, managing its day-to-day activities, fundraising, innovation and implementation of programs that are beneficial to the members and stakeholders.

Among the activities that the Association is carrying out, are:

AREA Investment Club

AREA investment Club for saving and investment for members.

AREA Women Council

Women council for the empowering women in real Estate.

Lobby and Advocacy for Real Estate Legislation

Lobby and advocacy for real estate legislation, including the self-regulation mechanism through the AREA Code of Ethics which will lead to a professional cadre of real estate agents in the country.

Multiple Listing Service

Establishment of the Multiple Listing Service for research and collection of data.


Creating International Networks and Partnerships for our members.

News Letter

Information dissemination through public talks and the AREA quarterly newsletter.

Real Estate Conference and Expo

We organize networking events like the Annual Real Estates Conference and Expo and monthly meetings.

Real Estate Resource Centre

Establishment of a Real Estate Resource Centre.

Skills Development Training

Real estate skills development trainings through The Real Estate Institute of East Africa (REIEA).

Our Clients & Partners

AREA-Uganda has over time been blessed to receive support from a wide range of partners some of whom include:

Housing Finance
Nation Wide
World Bank